Fostering urban agricultural practices contributing to food security and a reduced financial burden on households

Yousef Mohammed Odeh

Yousef is a mechanical energy engineer with a Bachelor degree from the University of Jordan, Amman. Yousef was previously the President of The Elected Student Union at the Faculty of Engineering, which comprised of 5800 students and was also the former secretary of the Jordan Youth Businessmen Association within the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. In his free time, he performs as an actor at the local theatre and is also a motivational speaker striving to influence his peers and colleagues.

Social Enterprise

This social business involves the treatment of greywater (wastewater from the kitchen, shower etc) for urban agricultural use in Jordan. Greywater is seen as a sustainable water resource that can contribute to conservation and sustainability of water resources. The primary recipients of the innovation treatment, ‘Drawer Compact Sand Filter’ (DCSF), will be refugee camps in Jordan. The business aims at providing a mean of revenue generation through fostering urban agricultural practices that will in turn contribute to food security and reduce the financial burden faced by households.