Training of Trainers

Through our extensive experience of running various programmes and accelerators for social entrepreneurs we have created an educational programme for those who wish to improve their skills when it comes to supporting social entrepreneurs. This could be for those of you teaching at a university or for those working at incubators or accelerators who wish to learn more about entrepreneurs solving social or environmental challenges.

Training of Trainers course

As part of our SE Outreach Accelerator work we hosted a 2-part training course offering educators and trainers the opportunity to learn how to facilitate Social Business Bootcamps by identifying, educating and supporting social entrepreneurs.

The first part of the training introduces participants to SE Forum’s methodology, while the second part enables them to put what they’ve learnt into practice as they co-facilitate a session of the Social Business Bootcamp alongside the SE Forum lead trainer.

We delivered one Training of Trainers programme in Jordan in 2015 together with our partner Global Platform Jordan (GPJ). Using the knowledge and materials from the programme, GPJ staff have elaborated the social entrepreneurship global educational framework that is being used by Global Platform networks all over the world.

In 2016, we delivered two of these programmes, one in Kenya in partnership with African Nazarene University Global Business Labs and one in Palestine in partnership with Global Platforms Palestine and ActionAid Palestine, and trained 28 participants in total. One year later, the African Nazarene University has updated the entire business curriculum based on our methodology and its lecturers have conducted social entrepreneurship trainings with a total of 562 participants and they continue to teach 340 students annually.

We also ran a Trainings of Trainers programme in 2017 with 19 business lecturers in cooperation with Multimedia University of Nairobi and Hand in Hand East Africa. Both partners and their trainers were able to utilise new knowledge and skills and are now exploring possibilities of jointly starting annual bootcamp events.


The tool box is just fabulous, it’s a lifetime reference that is very useful… in addition to the super good material and content, the approach of the training was great, the trainers’ skills in terms of listening, dealing with different opinions and even time management was excellent role model for us. I benefitted from the Social Entrepreneurship Forum – I usually mention SE Forum as the biggest contributor to the trainer I am today, I felt stronger, more professional and confident after completing Training of Trainers with SE Forum.

– Neda Kharoub, trainer, Jordan


The Training of Trainers was of great value to me and it continue to impact students and entrepreneurs in Kenya and across East Africa. Every single tool that we used has been useful to me as a social entrepreneurship coach.

– John Ngila, coordinator of entrepreneurship at African Nazarene University, trainer and coach for social entrepreneurship


The Training of Trainers has improved the way in which entrepreneurship training is delivered within the Hand in Hand East Africa programme – lessons on business pitching and BMC have been incorporated in the training and there has been an improvement in the way in which the Hand in Hand East Africa trainers handle and support those who have shown potential – lots of patience, listening and guiding.

– Thomas Alai, partnership manager, Hand in Hand East Africa