Since launching in 2004, SE Forum has carried out a varied range of programmes, training sessions, workshops and accelerators to support social entrepreneurs with business skills, leadership training, marketing, and much more. As an organisation, SE Forum believes in collaboration - across sectors and continents, and between teams and partners - and by using the expertise and networks of our Impact Team we are able to further deepen the impact of our programmes and activities.

We are passionate about leading the work on improving and growing the social entrepreneurship ecosystem, continuing to develop solutions, partnerships, publications and collaborative initiatives that inspire, promote and empower the sector.

Start-up Bootcamp

SE-Forum's Start-up Bootcamp is a training programme for young social entrepreneurs who want to test their concept in practice. In the 6 week program, distributed over three months, SE-Forum helps the entrepreneurs from idea to action by giving them access to innovative tools, competent coaches and our network. The result of the Start-up Bootcamp is a community of young entrepreneurs that have tested their business model and have a clear plan for how they will continue to run and scale their social enterprise. The training is held at a cost and each entrepreneur is supported by a corporate sponsor.

Business for good

As the traditional business sector is increasingly working to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, social entrepreneurship as an approach is growing, in Sweden and globally. At SE Forum, we see the importance in taking action across sectors and we very much believe in collaboration and partnerships. We're therefore working to encourage collaborations between social enterprises and the traditional business sector, to create greater social impact and sustainable growth.
Care of Business Impact

Care of Business Impact

To strengthen the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in Sweden we are, together with Impact Invest Scandinavia, developing an accelerator that supports enterprises with solutions to social or environmental challenges. The development of the accelerator will be based on the needs of social entrepreneurs in Sweden and we're aiming to collaborate with regional players to ensure a strong ecosystem across the country.
SE Forum Seeds of Peace GATHER

GATHER Fellowship

Social innovators and entrepreneurs from communities affected by conflict, are all part of the one-year GATHER Fellowship we’re running together with US non-profit Seeds of Peace. Its focus on conflict transformation and dialogue, combined with social entrepreneurship makes it a unique programme, with truly inspiring and passionate social innovators working with some of the most difficult subjects and political systems.
SE Forum study trip

Study visits

We work to grow and strengthen the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship and to raise awareness of ways to do good business. As part of this work we host international delegations to Sweden where we explore how all sectors work towards a stronger business climate for socially conscious organisations. We have carried out educational and inspiring study trip programmes for entrepreneurs and businesses as well as municipalities and governmental representatives, showing Sweden as a leading country in solving societal issues.
Tove Nordström SE Forum

Tailored solutions

Our team and network of business professionals and academics have experience in topics ranging from business development and social impact measurement to ethical leadership, pitching and communications. We offer consultancy services and we run themed workshops and training for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as experienced professionals. If you're interested in learning more about social entrepreneurship and ways to use business as a force for good, we also do presentations.

SE Outreach Accelerator

The SE Outreach Accelerator is a six-month scaling programme for social entrepreneurs running businesses that address social and environmental challenges facing low- and middle-income countries. The programme has been running since 2013, funded by Swedish aid agency Sida and the last programme was held in 2017 with participants from Nigeria, Malaysia, Pakistan, Botswana, Guatemala and Uganda working in sectors such as sanitation, health, ethical fashion, and renewable energy.

Social Business Bootcamp

The Social Business Bootcamp is an intense 10-day course for people who have an idea they believe can solve a social or environmental challenge. The training helps participants turn their ideas into viable business plans. We have delivered Bootcamps in countries such as Kenya, Jordan and Palestine.

Training of Trainers

This 2-part training course offers educators and trainers the opportunity to learn how to facilitate Social Business Bootcamps by identifying, educating and supporting social entrepreneurs. The first part of the training introduces participants to SE Forum’s methodology, while the second part enables them to put what they’ve learnt into practice as they co-facilitate a session of the Social Business Bootcamp alongside the SE Forum lead trainer.
Review municipalities social enterprises


As part of our work to grow the social entrepreneurship ecosystem we promote good examples and inspire to create change. This also involves researching what is currently being done to support social entrepreneurs and what could be done to improve this work. We work with partners, national and international, to map the ecosystem and have published publications to share insights and encourage further developments.