Tove Nordström SE Forum

Workshops & Talks

Our team and network of business professionals and academics run workshops and training for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as experienced professionals. For those interested in learning more about social entrepreneurship and ways to use business as a force for good, we also do presentations and speeches.

We have experience in topics ranging from business development and social impact measurement to ethical leadership, pitching and communications. Depending on your needs, we can run workshops or presentations as part of programmes or as stand-alone sessions. These sessions can be based on specific themes and can target beginners as well as advanced professionals and we have delivered workshops with partners such as IKEA and Swedish Institute. We also offer consultancy services on shorter as well as longer projects if your company or organisation needs ongoing support to create social and/or environmental impact.

If you’re interested in learning more or would like to discuss how we could support you in your work to achieve positive social impact, please get in touch with Tove Nordström at


A huge thank you for your super professional engagement in our event last week. We are very happy how everything turned out and it was clear that the participants also loved it.

– Swedish Institute


Many thanks for your lecture! The case studies were really interesting and your thoughts on social entrepreneurship and the fact that there isn’t one definition was a ‘door opener’ to the rest of the course as our students now have the opportunity to challenge their own work going forward.

– Stockholm School of of Entrepreneurship