We believe that all social entrepreneurs should aim to create the biggest social impact possible. We're also advocating business approaches amongst all kinds of companies where social and environmental impact is a key focus that should be established and evaluated. And to do so it's important to be asking questions and measuring the right things and ultimately learn from them, as social impact measurement can guide you on your way to maximising your organisation's positive impact.

During various programmes, accelerators, workshops, presentations and coaching sessions, we've supported entrepreneurs and businesses to understand, measure, evaluate and communicate their social impact. Get in touch with us at info@se-forum.se if you want to know how we could support you.

SE Forum Nigeria

SE Forum was one of the founding members of an informal network in Sweden of practitioners in the sector interested in exploring social impact measurement and how to do it well. This network has now been turned into a nonprofit organisation called Effektfullt supporting those who wish to learn more and improve their social impact measurement.

As part of our own social impact measurement work we evaluate our programmes and activities and we also monitor past participants of our various programmes to see the impact of them taking part as well as to follow up on the impact they're having in their own communities and we do this through surveys and in-country visits to monitor, interview and see the impact first-hand.

Our SE Outreach programmes

Through our SE Outreach programmes, trainings and accelerators, we've been able to work with 123 entrepreneurs from 23 countries, such as Bangladesh, Botswana and Brazil. We're proud to have had the opportunity to support their enterprises and give them the tools they've needed to further develop their ideas. We're proud to see that 71% of Accelerator participants have improved their sustainability and that 90% have increased their impact and reached more beneficiaries. And we're proud of our Training of Trainers that has led to an additional 2,500 students being taught on social entrepreneurship in the last couple of years.

It was an eye-opener. I have been able to develop individually as an entrepreneur and I have been able to pass on the skills I learnt to other members of staff within my social enterprise, which has enabled us to scale up the programme. I will forever remain grateful to the wonderful gesture accorded to me by SE Forum.

- Ackim Hamweenda, 2013 programme participant