Since 2004 we have worked to gather business professionals, academics, NGOs, public sector institutions and those passionate about social change around the concept of social entrepreneurship. We do this through partnerships, our member network and our Impact Team, the network of seasoned professionals and experts in various fields who support the entrepreneurs we work with. We continue to be passionate about improving and growing the social entrepreneurship ecosystem and are always exploring new solutions and collaborations to create the biggest possible social impact.

Would you like to know more about social entrepreneurship or how to get involved? Is your company or organisation looking for ways to help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? Are you an individual in the beginning of your social entrepreneurship journey or would you like to meet like-minded people to share your experiences with? Find out more below and do not hesitate to get in touch via or any of our social media channels for any questions on how to get involved as an individual or business/organisation.

We have a passionate and experienced membership network of business professionals, academics and supporters, who support us and each other to make a difference and use business to do good. Your membership with us could be the first inspiring step towards becoming a social entrepreneur, support others, or a way of meeting like-minded people to share your experiences with. 

If you are a company or organisation, there are plenty of opportunities to join forces, get involved in our work or develop partnerships. SE Forum provides long experience in sustainable business and social entrepreneurship as well as a broad network within the field and as partners we would develop a concept of collaboration that would benefit all parties and strive towards biggest possible social impact.