SE Forum year in review

Year in Review 2017

2017 was a big year for SE Forum; we completed a three-year project with SIDA that enabled us to work with social entrepreneurs in their local communities as well as here in Sweden. You’ll be able to read about these programmes and the entrepreneurs in our Year in Review, as well as other partnerships we formed over the year.

The past year has allowed us to use our international experiences to share learnings with entrepreneurs around the globe, but it has also helped view and review Sweden. We travelled to countries like Kenya, Ukraine, Belarus, and Malaysia to explore challenges and opportunities for social entrepreneurs. And for the 2017 SE Outreach Accelerator we had participants from countries like Guatemala, Uganda, Pakistan, and Botswana.

This Year in Review will present findings, insights and impact from the past year, but also look ahead to future years of SE Forum. Future years where we aim to create a stronger and more efficient ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Sweden and beyond to use their business to solve society’s most pressing problems.