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GATHER Fellowship

SE Forum is partnering with Seeds of Peace on the GATHER Fellowship, looking to answer the question: How do we move beyond superficial diversity to leverage our differences and build thriving, equitable communities across lines of conflict? 16 Fellows from the Middle East, South Asia, the US and Europe, are provided personalised support to advance their work, tools to hone their professional skill-set, entry into a worldwide leadership network, and access to a pool of funds to expand their impact.

We kicked off this year’s Fellowship with a one-week incubator in Stockholm where the social innovators and entrepreneurs had the opportunity to develop their ideas and businesses to transform conflict. They started their journey of personal and professional development, and got the chance to network with professionals and academics working in similar fields.

Read more about the 2019 GATHER Fellows here.


“I feel we serve as a support network for each other. It can be super tiring and discouraging to do something like what we do, and having people whom I can share our little successes and failures with is very helpful for me.”