Care of Business Impact

Care of Business Impact

We have received funding from Swedish innovation agency Vinnova to strengthen the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in Sweden and as a first step we will, together with Impact Invest Scandinavia, develop an accelerator for social entrepreneurs based in Sweden. We will develop an accelerator that supports local, regional and national enterprises with solutions to social or environmental challenges.

The interest for social innovation, and for how to use entrepreneurship to improve society is growing in Sweden. However, this increased interest has exposed challenges in the Swedish support system for social innovation; currently the system is largely supported by short-term funding, with initiatives spread throughout the country and predominantly rooted in metropolitan areas, and there is no systematic approach to supporting the emergence of new initiatives and supporting them through different phases (start-up, growth etc). In order to respond to these challenges a new methodology for accelerating social innovation is needed that enables social companies across Sweden to receive support from an early stage to get better growth through their entrepreneurial journey.

SE Forum aims to meet the challenges of the innovation support system by offering national support to social innovators and social enterprises through an accelerator, as well as a new digital platform, that, after development, execution and evaluation in the long run, can be used by regional actors to support the emergence and development of social innovation throughout Sweden.

If you’re a regional player such as a regional growth office, a municipality, an incubator or Science Park interested in developing your offer towards entrepreneurs solving society’s pressing challenges, then do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d also love to hear from companies and others to discuss how we could work together to create a stronger ecosystem across Sweden where entrepreneurs get the support they need and where, together, we can use business to do good.

Pilot programme

To kick off the project we  are running a pilot programme during 2019 for impact entrepreneurs in Sweden working to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. During the programme we’re supporting them through workshops and coaching to improve sales, communications and leadership skills as well as to grow the potential for their social impact. You can read more about the entrepreneurs taking part in the programme here.

Please get in touch with our Communications & Coordination Lead Tove Nordström at if you’d like to know more about the programme or have got any questions on how to get involved.