Creating sustainable jewellery with a focus on craftsmanship and consciousness

Cornelia Webb

Cornelia had always had an interest in art, whilst also being good at using her hands. But the initial path she chose was medicine, because she wanted to contribute to people’s wellbeing. After studying medicine for two years, she then decided to explore alternative ways of enhancing people’s wellbeing. She went down the path of jewellery design as she felt it was something that allowed her to combine her skills, talents and passion for enhancing people’s sense of self and wellbeing.

Cornelia takes part in Care of Business Impact – our accelerator for impact entrepreneurs that we’re running together with Impact Invest.

Cornelia Webb Jewellery

Cornelia Webb Jewellery was established in 2005, emphasising on craftsmanship, timelessness and consciousness. Designs are reinvented to avoid constantly producing new collections, and in an ambition to create zero waste, Cornelia Webb works with Swedish stonemasonries using leftover material.