Developing production and delivery of a hydrogen vehicle fuel solution

Mikael Lindblad

Like many others, Mikael feels that he’s made a lot of negative climate impact over the years. But he wants to change this and believes that changing our vehicle fleet from fossil driven vehicles to electric or electric/hydrogen vehicles is going to be key. Mikael joined Oazer in 2016 as he met the founder Boh who’s been a pioneer within electric vehicles and wanted Mikael to engage in his Hydrogen project. Before joining Oazer, Mikael worked for many years within industrial engineering companies, as well as within Life Science (MedTech).

Mikael takes part in Care of Business Impact – our accelerator for impact entrepreneurs that we’re running together with Impact Invest.


Oazer is developing environmentally friendly driving. It's developing production and delivery of a hydrogen fuel solution to small and large vehicles, where the fuel is created by water and electricity and the only emissions are water-based.