Developing an affordable, off-grid, self-installable solar kit for Bedouin communities within Israel, which are suffering from electricity shortages


Yo’av began working in youth movements at the age of 15. Initially starting with groups of a dozen kids, his coalition grew steadily to the point where he started a youth center in a Palestinian neighbourhood in the city of Acre. The youth center currently serves around 500 kids and teens, sometimes even whole families. He was recently one of the builders and the CTO of V15, the biggest political campaign in Israel’s last elections.

“I’m driven by the will to turn my surroundings into better ones. My methods can vary, but as long as I feel my work has an affect on reality, it’s hard for me to stop.”


Yo’av took part in the 2018 Gather Fellowship, SE Forum’s partnership with Seeds of Peace. 

Seeds of Peace GATHER




Yo’av began his entrepreneurial career by founding Bit-else, a web development and tech consultant service for NGOs. Soon after, he was invited to join Our Generation Speaks, the prestigious incubator program for emerging Israeli and Palestinian leaders to create innovative, high-impact ventures. These leaders cooperate across ethnic and political lines to build shared prosperity within the region. Together with three Israeli and two Palestinian friends from the program, Yo’av co-developed SolarBox, an affordable power kit to bring independency to Middle Eastern families through solar energy, as marginalised communities in Israel are often without power for a good portion of the day.