Using analytics to identify high potential candidates from lower-income backgrounds and provide them with job and finance coaching


Rishi has spent the better part of his adult life wondering, “What went wrong with the world order?” He believes the answer lies in a free market where no morality is attached to the production of goods, and in the unequal distribution of wealth that has resulted from it. This is particularly true in his home country of India, where unemployment has risen to crisis levels and around 95% of the Indian youth is considered unemployable.

“Disproportionate capital has been invested to create demand for products nobody needs. Thus, we have created a world where the most important enterprises, the ones with the most access and resources, have nothing to do with creating a better life for its residents. Neither policy nor charity alone can change this — only human endeavour. I want to be part of this change.”


Rishi took part in the 2018 Gather Fellowship, SE Forum’s partnership with Seeds of Peace.

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X Billion Lab

To Rishi, the role of the entrepreneur today is to create effective, innovative organizations that can alter the flow of capital by creating attractive investment avenues that create a better world. In line with this understanding, he co-founded X Billion Skills Lab, which uses algorithms to find high potential job seekers from underprivileged circumstances. Once this talent is identified, X Billion Skills Lab equips the candidates with the skills they need to succeed as economic changemakers. Rishi’s hope is that his organization enables an ecosystem of social entrepreneurs and enterprises to come together and solve problems ranging from climate change to skill development to healthcare.