Providing green energy solutions to institutions in Nepal aiming to reduce high energy cost and fostering ‘zero energy’

Prakash Acharya

Prakash, a resident of Pokhara, Nepal, is a co-founder of Clean Concept Group Pvt. Ltd.  He describes clean energy technologies as his passion and has dedicated the last eight years to working with clean energy innovation ideas. During his time as CEO of Clean Concept Group Pvt. Ltd. Prakash has successfully developed a niche market in the solar technologies industry.


Prakash took part in SE Forum’s SE Outreach Accelerator in 2014.


Clean Concept Group

The idea behind Clean Concept Group Ltd is to provide customised energy solutions to institutions in Nepal. The energy solutions, which are aimed at reducing high-energy cost, will be tailor made for each institution in order to foster ‘zero energy’. Some of the green solutions to be offered are: solar garden lights for resorts, hot water systems and solar pool heating. Targeted institutions are: mass settlements such as army institutions, hotels and the manufacturing industry. According to Prakash, a lot of private energy investment is focused on the procurement of diesel generators. The customised green energy offerings will thus provide a long lasting sustainable environmental solution.