Giving people in rural and under-served urban areas access to timely and affordable healthcare via an online tele-medicine platform.

Maria Mushtaq

Maria is an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast who loves to learn, explore and improvise. She has over 14 years of experience in corporate management as well an extensive background in healthcare, the public sector and the telecommunications industry. Healthcare service delivery and accessibility is one of the national challenges in Pakistan, especially in rural areas. With 8 years of experience in designing healthcare solutions and systems, Maria decided to contribute to her country in the area where it is desperately needed and in the field where her expertise lies. Firmly believing that tele-medicine is the way forward to provide people with timely and affordable healthcare, especially in rural areas, Maria founded Health Connect in 2016.


Maria took part in SE Forum’s SE Outreach Accelerator in 2017.


Health Connect

Health Connect

Health Connect is a tele-medicine platform that aims to improve service delivery of primary healthcare providers and accessibility of healthcare services, primarily in rural or under-privileged urban areas. The Health Connect Platform is designed with all major stakeholders in mind: primary healthcare service providers, patients, pharmacies, labs and government bodies. The platform aims to improve patients’ accessibility to medical professionals via tele-consultations (audio and/or video). The platform will also keep electronic medical records (including prescriptions and lab reports) for future references and trend analysis. Last but not least, it will allow patients to find and book appointments with labs, pharmacies and doctors in a fast and easy way. Maria is currently running the first pilot project for Health Connect. Attending the SE Outreach Accelerator will give her the opportunity to reflect, evaluate and develop her business model, so that she can continue the important work towards her vision of a world where healthcare is accessible to everyone. She will also be able to meet with key Swedish industry people in the field.