Offering transformational performing arts education, opportunities and exposure to talented African Youth

Khalila Kellz Mbowe

Khalila Kellz Mbowe is a young Tanzanian with a passion for her roots. She believes that in everything she does, whether in performing arts where she is anchoring herself or in the world of mass communication, which she has been journeying through, she is part of a movement that inspires and brings about positive change to her country, Africa and in the world as a whole.


Khalila took part in SE Forum’s Mini-Accelerator in 2016.



Khalila is the founder and managing director of UNLEASHED; a company dedicated to the performing arts. The main focus of UNLEASHED is to empower youth gifted in the performing art with artistic education and open them up to levels of exposure that would allow them room to understand, exercise then achieve their full potential as artists, leaders and global citizens, positively impacting and building Africa socially and economically. One of Khalila’s ambitions, through UNLEASHED, is to create innovate solutions to help the homeless get off the streets through performing arts as she believes that too much talent is getting lost to depravity in the streets. Khalila is a choreographer and creative performance director working with different artists in Tanzania. She has also been involved in projects working with young Tanzanians, training them to become all round performers and aim for more than their circumstances give.