Promoting community development and preserving Mayan culture by creating unique, high-quality fashion items made by local artisans.

Jennifer Menegazzo

Raised in Guatemala with a passion for ethical fashion, Jennifer is well-aware of the struggles local artisans face in preserving the traditional Mayan culture and making a living from their hard work. While travelling outside her country, Jennifer realised that many young people, all over the world, were aware of the unethical working conditions in the fashion industry and in search for sustainable options. She also noticed that many of the people she met didn’t know much about Guatemala. Combining these insights with her desire to help Guatemala’s artisans, Jennifer decided to found the ethical fashion company Korβáta.


Jennifer took part in SE Forum’s SE Outreach Accelerator in 2017.




Korβáta is an ethical fashion brand that creates unique patterns and sells high-quality fashion accessories for men, promoting Mayan textiles made by artisans in indigenous communities around the country. Korβáta’s mission is to promote and preserve community development through the creation of sustainable sources of income, empowerment and recognition of the various expressions of Mayan and Guatemalan culture. Jennifer and her team aim to contribute to a global industry of high quality ethical fashion products and become the leading example of an ethical fashion brand in Central and Latin America. Jennifer’s goal is for Korβáta to expand into 10 new countries in the near future. The SE Outreach Accelerator will provide her with the tools to start this process and take further steps towards realizing her vision of being internationally recognized as #1 brand in the ethical fashion industry.