Tackling Nigeria’s urban waste crisis by using technology to collect recyclable waste and increasing community involvement through incentive-based participation.

Destiny Frederick

Destiny is a biochemistry graduate with a passion for recycling. Seeing the number of Nigerian university graduates, she was struck by how difficult it would be for them all to get the white-collar jobs they were hoping for. Destiny quickly realized that youth need to create jobs for themselves and decided to start a social business. Having done research on waste management and recycling, she knew that unmanaged landfills and illegal waste dumpsites were leaving residents of Edo State, Nigeria, at risk of blockage, erosion, pollution and disease spread. The only solution currently available was private waste collection, which was too expensive for most low-income residents in the region. Driven by the will to change this, Destiny founded EcoFuture.


Destiny took part in SE Forum’s SE Outreach Accelerator in 2017.



EcoFuture Nigeria

EcoFuture Nigeria

EcoFuture is a waste recovery company offering convenient recycling services to low and middle income households and business establishments. EcoFuture collects recyclable waste using SMS, geo maps and a smart-sensor waste bin. Upon collection, each household’s materials are weighed. This weight is then entered into the EcoFuture database and rewarded with redeemable points based on the volume and quality of recyclables they hand in. As households accumulate points over time, they can exchange their points for food items, health insurance and cash. In order to increase their impact and expand to more regions, EcoFuture needs to create more awareness around the importance of recycling. The SE Outreach Accelerator will provide Destiny with the tools to start this process and take further steps towards realizing her vision of a clean, sustainable environment for future generations.