Fostering fair salaries in tourism and using profits for conservation

Benjamin Taghavi Awal

Benjamin is dedicated to use our economy and IT as tools to maximise social and environmental profits for the benefit of people and planet. He realises that synergy creation with like-mind people will be key to achieve the changes so urgently needed and invites you to connect and explore synergies together. Benjamins interests lie in business development having previously founded a mobile service content company and held business related positions in different companies in Sweden.  Today his focus is in every aspect of the development of Fair Travel.


Benjamin took part in SE Forum’s SE Outreach Accelerator in 2014.


Fair Travel Tanzania

Fair Travel Tanzania

Fair Travel™ |Tanzania is a social enterprise using tourism for positive impact for local staff, economy, community and environment. Fair Travel Tanzania offers adventure trips at highly competitive rates making responsible travel affordable for the mainstream traveler. None of their staff is tip- dependent, net profits benefit community projects, CO2 emissions are offset locally and pricing is 100% transparent.