Using music to inspire young people in Israel and Palestine to join together, celebrate their differences in harmony, and develop a common language that transcends politics, religion, and cultural identities


Arnon is a Jaffa-based singer-songwriter and producer. Under his artist name Sun Tailor, Arnon has performed around the world over the last seven years, including Israel, Russia, Japan, India, and most recently Germany. Arnon received his HND with Distinction in Music Performance and Production at the London Center of Contemporary Music.

“Reconciliation comes from meeting, from being in the same space together. Racism and violence can be cancelled out by working together. Can you hate someone who sings with you? What kind of friendships can be created from playing music together?”


Arnon took part in the 2018 Gather Fellowship, SE Forum’s partnership with Seeds of Peace.


Seeds of Peace GATHER

SDG 16


Building Bridges Through Music

Arnon's current project is an immersive music workshop geared toward young people living in Israel and Palestine, targeting the challenge of a growing hostility, misunderstanding and distance between Israelis and Palestinians. Arnon believes that the greatest challenge to resolving the conflict is a lack of communication, and that music — the universal language — can be a powerful tool to unite, create a safe environment for respectful dialogue, and ultimately serve as a vehicle for social change. His workshop will teach how music can be an effective language to communicate conflict and express ourselves to others.