SE Forum board members

Welcoming new members to the Board!

June 22, 2020 - News

Following our annual meeting earlier this month, we are thrilled to announce and welcome a few new members to the SE Forum Board.

We’re welcoming Mariam Jeng, new Treasurer, who currently works at HSB. She’s previously been a controller at NCC and has a passion for using the financial side of a business to drive the operational work and strengthen the mission of an organisation.

Maj-Britt Arhelm, Marketing Director at law firm Vinge, is also joining us as a member of the Board. She’s got experience within marketing, PR, business development and leadership from various businesses and organisations, and with a passion for collaboration as well as leadership and coaching, we believe she’ll be a great addition to the SE Forum team.

We’re also joined by Hermes Holm, Executive Director at Miltton Sweden, with experience within the communications and public affairs sector, and a passion for the non-profit sector.

A new set-up

The Nominations Committee’s work was lead by Nicklas Wallberg who comments:

“The Nominations Committee’s ambition has been to create a tight and sharp Board with the right mix of operational and strategic strength. It’s been important to find people who can easily form as a group and with expertise and skills that matches well within the group. We’re convinced that the new Board will create the right set-up for the upcoming year to be a successful one”.

Taking on the role as Chair of the Board is previous Board Member Thomas Kanestad, and Oscar P Ridell as well as Sara Gorton are staying on for another year. Ylva Hansdotter is staying on as Alternate Board Member.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Board Members who have stepped down at the end of their term: Ingrid von Konow, Johan Eliasson, Katarina Strandberg, Ola Jönsson and Stefan Eriksson.