webinar collaboration

Webinar on improving business by collaborating with social enterprises

October 1, 2020 - Events

Collaboration is what makes us stronger and help us create bigger and better impact but more needs to be done to make collaborations between corporates and social enterprises happen. As part of our current project to increase and strengthen collaborations between corporates and social enterprises, we joined the panel in a webinar on the topic. The webinar was hosted by Västsvenska Handelskammaren and Coompanion Göteborgsregionen.

We often hear that many are keen to collaborate with others and explore new ways of working but many have issues finding partners or knowing what a collaboration could look like. Our recent report shows insights, opportunities and challenges on the topic and we joined this webinar to share some of the learnings. About the fact that social enterprises often know what they’re after but struggle to find partners, at the same time as the corporates are keen to help but don’t know where to start or who these social entrepreneurs are that they could be working with.

Also taking part in the webinar was Coompanion sharing their knowledge on social enterprises, as well as Social Trade with great expertise in selling in the services of social enterprises to corporates and bigger business. We also heard a great example from Estrella sharing experiences of having a local social enterprise run its staff canteen.

You can watch the full recording (in Swedish) here.