SE Outreach graduation

Celebrating SE Outreach entrepreneurs and the SDGs

September 29, 2017 - Events

Thursday night saw the culmination of six months of hard work, new learnings and new friendships. Our SE Outreach Accelerator participants have spent the last few weeks in Stockholm developing their social businesses with the help of our trainers and mentors, as well as the support from each other. We have seen big changes in business models combined with inspiring passion to use business to change communities and the world.

The graduation event took place at Stockholm’s Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) and the inspiring and stunning venue Dome of Visions with our guest speaker Jakob Trollbäck sharing insights behind designing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This led to interesting discussions on how to use good business to achieve the goals and we very much enjoyed the guests’ passion for these issues.

Real issues, real solutions

Sharing real examples of using business to do good is one of SE Forum’s key aims and we love seeing them live. Hearing from the entrepreneurs graduating from the SE Outreach Accelerator at the event didn’t just make us feel proud, but also empowered and inspired, by business that does good.

Destiny Frederick of EcoFuture using innovative waste management solutions to solve an environmental crisis in Nigeria. Habiba Ali of Sosai addressing health issues and deforestation through renewable energy products for households in African communities. Jennifer Menegazzo of Korbata selling fashion products created by Mayan artisans, supporting a fairer fashion industry. Maria Mushtaq of Health Connect using technology to respond to the lack of efficient healthcare solutions in Pakistan. Nina Othman of Grow the Goose empowering Malaysian children through financial wisdom. Samuel Malinga of Sanitation Africa providing toilets, sanitation and dignity to Ugandan slums. Tendekayi Katsiga of Deaftronics offering affordable solar-powered hearing aids to those who need them the most in rural communities across Africa.

Truly, an evening of passion, entrepreneurship, and inspiration. We thank all guests who attended the evening as well as the mentors, trainers and partners SidaSigtunastiftelsen, and Scandic, who have made the SE Outreach Accelerator possible.

We’re wishing the best of luck to our 2017 entrepreneurs and are looking forward to following their achievements and progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. As for SE Forum, we are excited about upcoming projects with new partners and will keep you posted across our social channels!


Photo credit: Stina Svanberg