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Social enterprises learning communications in course run by SE Forum

September 10, 2020 - News

In order to strengthen their communications, reach new audiences and subsequently create more social impact, work integrating social enterprises in the Stockholm region have taken part in individual communications courses hosted by SE Forum. The initiative was part of the Kugghjulet project run by FAMNA to support work integrating social enterprises in Stockholm.

As a social enterprise creating positive change, you have the possibility to reach even further as you’re doing something a lot of people want to hear about. But you need to know what to say, where and how to say it, and whom to say it to. Many struggle to get it right, and especially to find the time and resources to do it.

The Kugghjulet project has over the last few years supported social enterprises in the Stockholm region that work to provide opportunities and training to those far away from the job market. The social enterprises have received a varied range of support and SE Forum had the opportunity to share our knowledge on communications for social enterprises.

A course to brainstorm and develop communications

Five social enterprises selected by the project – Love and Hope, Re:Innovation, Östervägen, Eko-odlarna and Roslagskrafterna – took part in the course where they were all offered individual coaching sessions over a month’s time. We had the opportunity to explore positioning, audiences, channels, messaging, social impact, storytelling and practical tools, with all social enterprises finding new ways to approach their communications efforts.


Learning new things whilst also being given the opportunity to re-think how we do things and looking at our own organisation and work in a new light has been really valuable for us. We’ve been shown what’s there to work on and we’ve received great support in exploring what we could do going forward. Your thoughts and ideas, feedback and suggestions have been really useful, and we really appreciated how you created an interest and excitement amongst the whole team. We truly appreciate the opportunity – thank you!

– Participant from one of the social enterprises



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