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SE Forum announces a new Board with four new Members

May 8, 2019 - News

Following yesterday’s Annual Meeting, we are very excited to be able to welcome a new Board on to the wider SE Forum team, working with us to continue supporting entrepreneurs and business for good.

The Nominations Committee – Ebba Theding, Eva Jarlsdotter and Filip Goldmann – suggested a new Board consisting of six current Members whose term last until 2020, and four new Members, whose term will end 2021, with everyone voting in favour of the suggested Board.

Our new Board therefore includes the following Members: Anna Lithagen, Ingrid von Konow, Johan Eliasson, Katarina Strandberg, Ola Jönsson, Oscar P. Ridell, Sara Gorton, Stefan Eriksson (Treasurer) and Thomas Kanestad. Ylva Hansdotter, who has been part of the Board for three years, was selected as the new Chair.


“I am honoured for the opportunity to stay on the Board of SE Forum and assume the role as Chairwoman. I am excited to keep working alongside the Board and our excellent team to help businesses and organisations unleash the potential of entrepreneurship and maximise social impact. Our focus will continually be to connect changemakers and thought leaders and to provide training and advice for social entrepreneurs around the globe – all with the vision of creating a thriving world where the social enterprise is the norm.”

– Ylva Hansdotter, new Chair of the SE Forum Board


We are thrilled to have such a strong Board overseeing and supporting our work and would like to welcome the new Members Anna Lithagen, Oscar P. Ridell, and Sara Gorton, as well as Thomas Kanestad who has been our Interim Executive Director but is now joining the Board. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our fantastic, outgoing Board Members Johan Carrick, Maria Bustamante, and Gregg Vanourek for their support, dedication, passion and hard work over the last few years.


Photo credit: Stina Svanberg