nyttigaste affären

Nominate best collaboration between corporate and social enterprise

October 7, 2020 - News

The annual prize Nyttigaste Affären is awarded the best collaboration or business between a Swedish traditional company and a social enterprise. Nominations close on Friday 9 October so hurry up and nominate your own collaboration or a great one you know of!

The prize has been handed out each year since 2015 by Coompanion, HSB Göteborg and the Swedish governmental Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and highlights business for good. It’s given to a collaboration between at least two parties where one of them is a social enterprise and where the collaboration or business creates positive impact for the collaborating parties, their customers as well as society.

Business for good

Last year’s winners were slow design company Skryta (see image above) creating lamps from textile waste together with Ergon, part of Göteborg Stadsmission, providing work opportunities for people far away from the job market. Previous winners have been IKEA, Yalla Trappan, Estrella and others.

Our Executive Director Tove Nordström is on the jury this year alongside Jonas Carlehed (IKEA Sweden), Eva-Lena Albihn (Business Region Göteborg), Lars-Göran Andersson (HSB Göteborg), and Sven Bartilsson (Coompanion).

Anyone can nominate a collaboration or partnership and the final date to do so is on Friday 9 October. Nomination form can be found via this link.