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Introducing the Impact Team that’s making a difference

June 8, 2018 - News

We are thrilled to formally introduce our wider team – the SE Forum Impact Team, the team of passionate and experienced people that is creating change and making a big difference for the entrepreneurs we work with.

The Impact Team is our network of seasoned professionals who we work with to deepen the impact of our programmes and activities. It consists of experts in entrepreneurship, impact investing, leadership, innovation, design thinking and much more, and they support the entrepreneurs and companies we work with through workshops, training, coaching, and mentoring. Many of them have worked with us for years, sharing their knowledge, experience, and passion for social impact and sustainable growth.

As an organisation, SE Forum believes in collaboration – across sectors and continents, and between teams and partners – with our staff working alongside our board and partners to create opportunities for entrepreneurs to use their business to do good. Our Impact Team is a great asset in this purpose-driven work.

A collaborative effort

Since the beginning of SE Forum in 2004, the importance of networks and collaboration has been leading our way, especially when operating out of a relatively small country as Sweden. We can see that it works and have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of partners, learning from the challenges and benefitting from the outcomes. We can also see that the sector, and the interest for it, is growing, but with all the positive aspects of growth there are challenges to overcome. And one can of course decide to see the challenges as opportunities!

We believe that for a thriving sector, we need to ensure we’re not working in silos, or for different organisations to be doing the same short-term work when long-term collaboration could be a win-win. Instead, we are very much working on an approach where we are joining forces with the private, public and civil sectors to develop solutions that create a better society, for people, the planet and business. Sharing insights and ideas, gathering the best thinkers and engaging the best doers.

Our Impact Team is very much part of SE Forum’s ethos, ambition and delivery, and its passion for good business and leadership will continue to be vital to our work with entrepreneurs in Sweden and across the globe.


Photo credit: Stina Svanberg