Join session on collaborations with SE Forum and Impact Breakfast Club

October 9, 2020 - News

Meeting likeminded people and having opportunities to share learnings and experiences is very important for most entrepreneurs, change makers and leaders. The Impact Breakfast Club has been set up to provide a space and a community to do just that. We’re thrilled to co-host a session with Impact Breakfast Club on Friday 16 October, exploring the potential in collaborations and partnerships when creating impact.

The Impact Breakfast Club is a community for impact-driven leaders and entrepreneurs looking to explore collaborations, exchange resources and learn from each other. Members get support on their impact journey to grow, solve challenges and create greater impact. Founder Oscar Ohlström – part of the SE Forum Impact Team – highlights the importance in being open to change in order to grow.


We believe in the importance of having the right network to increase efficiency and accomplish your impact goals faster, but we also see that being open to change in order to improve is vital. The Impact Breakfast Club is a safe community to share, learn and explore, and we’re very excited to host our first Exploration Session with SE Forum to dig into how collaborating with others, rather than trying to do everything on your own, can be the key to success.


Exploring collaborations and partnerships

The Exploration Session is Impact Breakfast Club’s new concept where impact leaders and entrepreneurs, together, can explore interesting topics by learning from sector professionals as well as getting the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their own challenges.

Our session with Impact Breakfast Club will explore collaborations and partnerships where our Executive Director Tove Nordström will share insights and learnings from our recent report on collaborations between corporates and social entrepreneurs. As it’s an Exploration Session, attendees will also be able to ask questions and discuss their own thoughts and challenges.


When and how?

The session takes place on Friday 16 October 8-9am CEST, it’s free to join and you can join from anywhere as it will take place online. Follow this link to register as a member of Impact Breakfast Club and you’ll then be able to sign up for the session.

We hope to see you there!


Illustration credit: Freepik