Ung Dialog

Dialogue on integration and the question: Who should take responsibility?

June 17, 2019 - News

For the second year in a row, Ung Dialog (Young Dialogue) hosted a summer academy for young people on the topic of leadership against antisemitism and islamophobia. SE Forum joined on a panel to discuss integration, social entrepreneurship and our societal responsibility.

Ung Dialog is a non-profit working with young leaders against antisemitism and islamophobia. It’s an organisation inspired by our GATHER Fellowship partner Seeds of Peace, with a focus on dialogue and meeting across borders.

The summer academy started last year and gives young people from different background, religions, and cities a chance to meet at a summer camp of dialogue and leadership training. The young people, many of whom are already active in civil society or politics, receive training and get to build their network to increase skills and reach.

Ung Dialog SE Forum

A panel discussion on integration

SE Forum’s Tove Nordström was invited on a panel that joined the academy on one of the sunny days at Kärsögården outside of Stockholm. The panel included SE Forum as part of the social entrepreneurship sector, Helen Bagge (Invitationsdepartementet) as part of the civil society, Adam Brånby (Woolpower) as part of the business sector, and Josefin Malmqvist (Member of Parliament for the Moderate Party) as a politics representative.

The interactive panel discussion, that very much involved the academy participants, touched on issues such as integration and what responsibility the business, public and civil sectors have to make it work well. Difficult questions but interesting discussions on the importance of collaborations as well as our own individual responsibility of acting in favour of a more open and diverse society.

We’d like to thank Und Dialog for inviting us and introducing us to such inspiring young leaders. We were very impressed by their passion and engagement for these issues, and their will to create change and keep an open dialogue.


Photo credit: Ung Dialog