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Call for New Board Members

January 11, 2019 - News

As we’re welcoming 2019 with excitement, we are issuing a call for new board members.

Here at SE Forum we are passionate about social entrepreneurship, sustainable business and doing good in the world. Professionals and academics with a wide range of expertise are part of our tribe, creating content and sharing knowledge to support impact entrepreneurs and social changemakers.

Our Board is filled with engaged and active members who all bring something to the mix. They govern SE Forum, oversee our management, collaborate on business development and strategy, and support us with great input and knowledge. Our board members serve terms of two years and a new term begins in April 2019.

If you are interested in being considered as a SE Forum board member (or want to suggest someone you know well), as we step up our work to strengthen the Swedish ecosystem for social entrepreneurship whilst also continuing our international focus, then please get in touch. Send an email to outlining why you would be suitable and attaching your CV.


What does being on SE Forum’s board involve?

Here’s more information about what the SE Forum board members are expected to do:

  1. Be knowledgeable about the social entrepreneurship and nonprofit sectors.
  2. Represent the best interests of SE Forum, starting with its mission, values, and vision.
  3. Consistently attend and participate in board meetings, do board work as required between board meetings, and prepare well for board meetings, including learning about significant issues before the board.
  4. Remain informed about the organisation’s programmes and plans.
  5. Work with the Executive Director and board to ensure clear strategic direction for the organisation.
  6. Ensure effective planning in the organisation (including succession planning).
  7. Participate in any board or planning retreats.
  8. Ensure that the organisation’s strategic priorities are reflected in the annual budget.
  9. Be a strategic asset to the Executive Director and staff.
  10. Participate in the selection and evaluation of the Executive Director (including compensation and incentive package).
  11. Serve on a board committee (and lead one, if mutually agreed).
  12. Ensure the organisation handles its financial, legal, and regulatory obligations appropriately.
  13. Monitor the financial health of the organisation.
  14. Ensure the staff and resources are managed appropriately.
  15. Monitor the effectiveness and impact of SE Forum’s programmes and efforts.
  16. Ensure adequate resources and help develop financial resources for the organisation.
  17. Review and act upon proposals from the management team and other board business.
  18. Serve as an ambassador of the organisation to the general public (in close coordination with the Executive Director), enhancing SE Forum’s public image.
  19. Work to advance the interests of SE Forum to the best of your ability, using your best judgement, skills, relationships, expertise, and knowledge.
  20. “Speak with one voice” as a board. (If the full board has voted on something, that becomes policy and everyone gets behind it – even those who may have disagreed or voted against it. Individual board members have no standing to issue orders to the Executive Director or staff.)
  21. Arbitrate conflicts fairly when required (e.g., personnel issues, complaints, etc.).
  22. Act with integrity, avoid conflicts of interest, and uphold the Anti-Corruption Policy.
  23. Participate in the board self-evaluation process.