stora social företagsdagen

A day of focus on social enterprises, democracy and social sustainability

October 9, 2020 - News

Sweden’s biggest event on social entrepreneurship is the annual Stora Sociala Företagsdagen, hosted by Coompanion in Gothenburg with support from the Västra Götalandsregionen as well as Tillväxtverket. This year’s event, that took place on Tuesday this week, was filmed live in Gothenburg Film Studios but because of the pandemic it was broadcasted live to attendees joining in from all over Sweden.

Speaking at the event was Minister of Public Administration, Lena Micko, with encouraging words highlighting the importance for social enterprises to join forces to push for a bigger voice and greater impact. We were also able to hear some great examples of social enterprises in Sweden providing jobs and work opportunities for people in our society who are far away from the job market but need a chance to change.

IKEA’s Ann-Sofie Gunnarsson was on stage to share IKEA’s experiences of collaborating and doing business with social enterprises all over the world, improving lives whilst creating products and services IKEA’s customers can purchase and take advantage of.

Our Executive Director Tove Nordström joined the event to share insights and learnings from our recent report on collaborations between corporates and social enterprises.

You can watch the full recording on Youtube.