SE Forum

A team announcement, a big welcome and strong optimism

It’s with sadness but also strong optimism that we’re writing this month’s letter. We are saying goodbye to Nicklas who is stepping down as the Executive Director of SE Forum due to personal circumstances. However, we’re also saying welcome to Thomas Kanestad as our new Interim Executive Director.

Thomas comes with highly relevant experience from ICA (Sweden’s biggest supermarket chain) where he has held several positions such as head of sustainability and social engagement as well as board chair of the ICA Foundation he set up.

In the last few weeks, we (Thomas and Nicklas) have been busy meeting with our key partners and stakeholders as well as discussing the Swedish ecosystem because of the Government’s new social entrepreneurship strategy. We’ve been in panel discussions as well as in smaller gatherings seizing on the opportunity and momentum that is gathering in the sector and we are feeling very optimistic about the exciting times ahead!

Whilst being engaged in the development of the Swedish ecosystem we’re also looking at strengthening our international work meeting with the Mexican Ambassador and PRO Mexico in talks on how to develop the Mexican social innovation ecosystem. Mexico is a country with a high degree of innovation as well as social and environmental challenges making it a potential breeding ground for social innovation and entrepreneurship. We are looking at how a partnership between our two countries can generate important progress.

Our colleague Tove Nordström has also been busy launching a book she is a co-author of, called Communicating Causes – Strategic Public Relations for the non-profit sector. The launch took place in London on 28 June where Tove presented her chapters – one on social enterprise communications and one on digital communications. The entire SE Forum team is congratulating her on a job well done!

To finish this month’s letter Nick would also like to take the opportunity to thank the entire SE Forum family. Our core team, alumni, board members and wonderful supporters in the shape of Impact Team, members and mentors. You are the reason for the great results of the organisation.

It’s been a true honour to represent SE Forum and I look forward to following the organisation into the future, albeit from the sidelines.

– Nick


All the best,

Thomas Kanestad, Interim Executive Director

Nicklas Wallberg, (outgoing) Executive Director