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Why is it important to get your communications right? Maria at Number10 explains

July 17, 2019 - Interviews

We often highlight the importance of communications as a means for a social enterprise to tell its story of social impact, to create a stronger purpose, and ultimately, to grow. As part of our Care of Business Impact accelerator we’ve had the pleasure of working with PR agency Number 10 for our entrepreneurs to explore challenges and opportunities with communications. And Maria Fabricius, Co-founder and Creative Director shares her thoughts and tips with us here.

Why is it important to get your communications right?

Communication that’s based on the understanding of a company’s target audience and that’s created to achieve business goals, becomes a powerful tool for growth. It can also be used to include target audiences within the company, where the target audience becomes a part of the brand and deepens relationships. This is increasingly important for your company to beat competition and survive long-term.

What kind of communication is your agency Number 10 focusing on and why?

We describe ourselves as a PR-plugin, helping companies and individuals with extra PR-power to look further – to reach new heights and gain market share. To make that possible, we use a mix of PR tools – from strategy to production – that’s tailored based on aims and where target audiences can be found.

What are the most common problems your customers have? What do they usually not get right when it comes to communications?

We rarely meet companies that lack creative ideas to communicate with their target audiences. On the contrary, the issue is more often the fact that they want too much with their communications and can’t decide on a clear focus. In these cases, we act as an advisor that helps them streamline their communications plan, find the focus and the opportunities that can showcase the aspects that truly resonate with the company’s target audiences.

If you’re a start-up on its way to enter the market or in need of reaching new, bigger markets, what are some things to consider?

Firstly, understand what audiences actually like your offering and who they are. And create communications for them. Start-ups often spend too much money and energy on flashy ad campaigns and creative leads that don’t even reach the right target audience. That’s a waste of both money and energy.

Secondly, dare to claim your space through your communications by putting your offer within its context of a clear why and what problem your offer is solving. That will open new doors and help you reach further.

What are your top tips to create successful communications?

  1. Get to know your target audience and understand where they can be found. Involve them in the development of your communications and genuinely consider their input.
  2. Dare to focus – streamline your communications plan and put energy on the activities that truly align with your business aims.
  3. Create communications that your company can stand for and that’s authentic. Putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t work in today’s media landscape.

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