Jonas Michanek


Jonas is a serial entrepreneur and writer. He founded SE Forum (first known as AISE) back in 2004 to create a platform for social entrepreneurship in Sweden. Besides SE Forum, Jonas has also founded NGOs like Innovation Circus (a European grassroots initiative fostering innovation for the masses) and Digitalbridge, which brought the knowledge of digital storytelling to Scandinavia.

Jonas has a Global EMBA from Stockholm School of Economics, financed by a scholarship from the Wallenberg foundation. He has attended the Kaospilot program and has a Bachelor of Arts from Uppsala University. He has also founded several companies like Idélaboratoriet (a innovation management consultancy working with both corporate and public clients who focus on social innovation, like Greenpeace and the city of Medellin in Colombia) and Food To Happen (innovation in the food industry).

Jonas has written several books like the bestselling The Idea Agent-books together with Andréas Breiler, the book TO DO: development of cultural and creative industries in practice (2011) and has co-written the books Entreprenörskap och Företagsetablering (Entrepreneurship) (2009) and Global Wanderings (2008). He also has a media career as a TV- and radio-host working with channels like SVT, Kanal5, TV8 and SR.

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