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Time flies fast!

May 22, 2015 - Blog Posts

By Loan Nguyen – SE Entrepreneur, SE Outreach Accelerator 2015

Time flies fast. We have now gone through 5 weeks of SE Outreach Accelerator Program. Being part of the program has been so far one of the most meaningful experiences I have ever had.

This week we focused on measuring our business’s social impact- the challenging part that anyone can put a question on the precision yet everyone insists on being shown whenever coming to a business or project with social cause. With professional knowledge and practical experience on the field, Lars and Jessica guided us through the measurements and methods to separate the social impact factors in order to get the most accurate results. After the session, each of us had the chance to work individually with the two coaches to develop the social impact metrics that works best for our own business model.

This session, together with all the previous workshops on business and project management have helped us a step further towards making a strong business plan to boost our business in the future.

Loan and Marcus during a Speed Mentoring Session

Loan and Marcus during a Speed Mentoring Session

Apart from the precious knowledge in each and every well-organized and informative workshops and conferences in the program, I also appreciate the opportunity to learn from the other 7 participants who are social entrepreneurs coming from different parts of the world.  Not only are they experts in their field, each of them are such inspirational individuals and beautiful characters that make every day in the program an exciting and memorable experience

Elsa is an expert in networking who can build up friendship from business relationship and is always willing to connect you with other people in her network. Neelam will make you write a check and invest in her business only after a four-minute pitching with her beautiful public speaking skills. Flaviano knows how to make a day 48 hours when he has had all work done, arranged several work meetings, finished some business proposals and still have time for 100-km cycling ride for exercise. Betty and Eric- one lawyer and one social worker who created the whole manufacturing line for food and cooking solutions by themselves without any previous experience. Sheezan the businessman will talk money with you in an as-simple-as-that manner while making you realize business is really not a piece of cake. And last but not least Sanwal- a young entrepreneur who stood against all the disapproval of entrepreneurship from his family and invented a new technology to capture the wind created by high-speed cars from freeways and transform it into electricity for the poor community nearby. Lately he had a contract signed with Scottish government to set up the system in the country.

These people, without question, are among the most talented entrepreneurs I have had the pleasure and honour to meet. But what makes them the most amazing people for me is that though busy with their work, they will always be happy to sit with you and answer all your questions, share the experience they have gained and help you work out your challenges. I feel a great gratitude having had the chance to live and work with these 7 respectable entrepreneurs for the past 5 weeks and I’m looking forward to the coming journey!