Susanna Nissar

Susanna is a Design Thinker and Capacity Builder who over the last years had a leading role on establishing Service Design in the Swedish market. She co-founded the Design Thinking agency Expedition Mondial as well as co-led Sweden’s first Service Design agency, Transformator Design, during their most expansive years.

Susanna has been working with clients within nearly every sector of the economy, Fortune 500 companies as well as governmental, NGO’s and startups. In her assignments she works closely with the client in establishing co-creational processes with the overall mission to create great customer experience as well as great employee experience.

Susanna has a special interest in social entrepreneurship, as she believes that the way of solving our global challenges will go through sustainable business. Susanna has been mentoring several entrepreneurs in integrating a co-creational approach into their startups to better understand their end users and to create more valuable services. She has also been collaborating with Swedish business incubators experimenting with merging Lean Startup processes with co-creational processes and holds lectures and educates business leaders in this approach.

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