Ruben Brunsveld

Ruben is a Colombian born-Indonesian bred-Dutchman with a Swedish passport. As a former legal expert and diplomat to the EU he has a passion for the triangle of leadership, communication and sustainability. These days he works with values-based leadership, ethical business, and diversity and inclusion.

Ruben has trained hundreds of high-level private sector executives from Stockholm to Shanghai and from Vilnius to Lusaka. He is a very experienced (TEDx) moderator and speaker and has (amongst others) provided training to the diplomatic training programmes in Sweden and Poland. In his free time he spends time with his Monegasque-Swedish-Dutch daughters and where there is a bit of time left he practices on his saxophone and his guitar.

His main fields of expertise are: human rights and business; ethical business and leadership; values-based leadership and knowing yourself; diversity and inclusion; public speaking; and intercultural communication.

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