Peter Roland

Peter has worked with different companies owned by the GoodCause Foundation since 2005. The purpose of the GoodCause Foundation is to start and run businesses with the aim to generate money to improve the world through different charity organisations. The GoodCause Foundation launched its first company in 2005 (GodEl, which is an electricity provider) and the companies owned by GoodCause since then have generated over 66 million SEK to its charity partners.

Peter spent his first six years working in different roles at GodEl and the last three years he was the Managing Director. Since 2011 he has been responsible for launching new companies within GoodCause and his current focus is on GodDryck. GodDryck was launched in 2015 and the purpose of the company is to sell non-alcoholic beverages with the aim to generate money for a better world.

Peter’s main fields of expertise and interest are: running a start-up from idea to growth; business growth; marketing; sales; and building strong business cultures.

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