Luciana Oliveira

Luciana Oliveira is the co-founder and currently board member of New Hope Ecotech, a social enterprise based in Brazil which participated in the 2016 SE Forum Outreach program. New Hope Ecotech is less than 2 years old, has a team of eight people and just raised its first round of investment. While working full-time at New Hope Ecotech, Luciana lead the team creating a standard for investment in post-consumption recycling in Brazil, and activities such as P&L management; B2B sales and business development with fast-moving consumer goods companies; brand management and digital marketing. 

Luciana has an MBA degree from Kellogg School of Management (US), an advanced degree in Digital Marketing & Communication from USP (Brazil) and a bachelor’s degree in Communications from UFPE  (Brazil). Prior to New How Ecotech, she worked at Google where she learned how to manage sales processes for Fortune 500 companies and to put together confident teams and at Ab InBev where she learned about branding and brand positioning.

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