SE FOrum event impact investing

SE Talk on Impact Investing – a game changer with great implications for business and government

April 7, 2014 - Events

Impact investing is taking off, projected to grow into a trillion dollar market within a decade. Still in an early adopters phase, there is a need to illuminate its merits and challenges, how it differs from other related ideas and how the market is structured today. Impact investing has become linked to social entrepreneurship and smaller startup investments and while this is laudable, it begs the question – is that its true potential or is there more to it?

Impact investing, applied by multinationals and the governmental sector, could be a game changer in the quest to bring about positive impact, social and environmental. In an investment climate that demands more cross sector collaboration, long-term thinking and balanced returns, impact investing can be the necessary paradigm shift with benefits like:
– Preventing the failure of billion dollar infrastructure investments
– Making sense out of a business landscape where reimagined business models and supply chains are crucial for survival
– A tighter and more positive relationship between institutional investors and businesses as well as between different sectors of society

Take the opportunity to learn more about this burgeoning movement with real world examples showcasing how impact investing could lead to greater profits, saved costs and positive impact in sectors like water, energy and food. Speaker for the evening is Richard Lindberg – business and social science major. Co-founded Conveneer in the ICT sector, exit in 2009. Thereafter deeply immersed within sustainable development and social entrepreneurship. Latest venture – CongressEA, based in London, catalyzes the shift towards impact investments.

Where and when?
10th of April at 6 pm, Impact Hub, Riddargatan 17 D Stockholm
The seminar will be held in english.