Tove Nordström SE Forum Communications

SE Forum welcomes Communications and Coordination Lead to the team

July 5, 2017 - News

A new job means new people, new opportunities, new challenges. In my case it also means new country and new city. Although, not entirely new as I was born in Stockholm, but after growing up in Umeå in the north of Sweden and living 13 years in London, UK, it feels new. In a good way.

I’ve recently joined SE Forum as the Communications and Coordination Lead and I’m very excited to join a brilliant team of people passionate about entrepreneurship and making a difference in the world. The entrepreneurs we work with are all driven by one main goal – to use their business to do good. And in a world with huge issues such as climate change, inequality, and fear, it is obvious that these people are needed.

Social entrepreneurship is a business approach that’s growing, as charities are struggling just relying on donations, and businesses are pressurised to consider social and environmental impact as well as just financial profit. Social entrepreneurship is found somewhere in between and I personally see it as an increasingly interesting space to be in. I’m thrilled to join SE Forum at such an exciting time, and as a new Stockholm resident I feel privileged to work in the creative and inspiring space at Norrsken House amongst like-minded and passionate people.

As mentioned in the beginning, a new job always means new challenges but I’m adamant to see them as opportunities. As a new member of the team, I am able to question the status quo and ensure we’re considering who we are, who we want to be, and how best we can support and grow social entrepreneurship in Sweden and beyond. Empowering and promoting entrepreneurship as a force for good is an organisational goal, but a personal one as well and I feel extremely lucky to have this as my job.


Tove Nordström is our new Communications and Coordination Lead, she is based at Norrsken House in Stockholm and can be reached at