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September 1, 2017 - News

SE Forum’s six-month flagship accelerator program is designed to help high-impact entrepreneurs create the change they want to see in the world. Our ambition is for our program participants to build resilient businesses that create far-reaching, societal impact – shifting mindsets and changing lives across the world. To achieve this ambition, a dedicated team of program staff, trainers, volunteers and mentors work together to provide a supportive environment for visionary entrepreneurs to explore how to scale their impact.

Out of 900 applicants, this year’s eight selected entrepreneurs are from Uganda, Malaysia, Kenya, Pakistan, Botswana, Guatemala and Nigeria. Each of them is solving a social challenge that they care so deeply about, that they have dedicated their careers and lives to addressing it.

We bring together these eight individuals with different professional experiences, addressing different challenges, across different sectors with different business models because we believe it’s through the culmination of these different experiences that the shift happens. Amongst all these differences, their ambition and dedication to create a better world unites them. Away from the daily operations of their respective businesses they can see the bigger social entrepreneurial movement that they are part of and they can start to look at their businesses… differently. It is here, in this program, they are given the space to explore the true magnitude of the impact their activities can have on society.

Opportunity assessment, taking action, and customised support

Through the guidance of trainers and mentors, the first section of the accelerator program challenges the entrepreneurs to spend three weeks thinking strategically about their businesses and the impact they can create. Far away from daily operations, they grapple with the tough questions; am I staying true to the original vision? Is the current trajectory going to lead to achieving my business and impact goals? They revisit the core components of their business models, interrogate existing strategies, and identify growth opportunities.

During Part 2 of the accelerator program, the entrepreneurs return home to test their new product ideas and strategies. This is where the real learning happens; in the field, alongside their team, actively talking with and learning from their customers. We are in constant contact with the entrepreneurs during this four-month period, continuing the learning journey with them, and over the summer we have seen some very significant changes. Target markets have been redefined, products have been developed, teams have been restructured, impact measurement frameworks have been put in place, business models have pivoted and new partnerships have formed. These entrepreneurs are serious about growth, and we are looking forward to welcoming them back to Stockholm for the final three weeks of the program!

We will customize each of their schedules to ensure they get the support they need to make their impact ambitions a reality. And peer reflection sessions will provide an opportunity to share experiences and learnings with each other, whilst individual coaching sessions with a range of expert trainers help each entrepreneur with their specific challenges.

Our aim is that each entrepreneur finishes the program with a strong, revenue-generating business model, enabling them to build a resilient business that continues to create impact beyond their lifetime.

Creating and sharing impact

SE Forum’s support to the entrepreneurs continues long after the graduation; formally as coaches and advisors, but also as friends. We stay in contact with our alumni and share their impact journeys with our community in the hope that their stories inspire others to create the impact they want to see in the world.

To hear more about this year’s eight, follow our updates on Twitter and Facebook as they return to Stockholm on 11 September to continue developing their businesses and creating impact!