Anja SE Outreach Accelerator

“I wanted the opportunity to meet social enterprises from all over the world”

June 23, 2016 - Interviews

During her three weeks in Sweden she gained valuable insights into her business from both university lecturers and high school students. We asked Anja Juliah Abu Bakar, founder of Blubear & Co, to tell us about her Swedish experience and about why people are better than Google when it comes to learning about other cultures.

Why did you apply to the SE Outreach Accelerator?

I applied because I wanted the opportunity to meet other social enterprises from all over the world and to also understand about different cultures, the possibility for me to go into their markets as well as discovering the market in Scandinavia.

What has your experience been like so far?

It has been great ever since we arrived in Sigtuna. The first week we have been exposed to the engagement with the students from Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket (SSHL) and I really liked the opportunity to meet the students and get their feedback as well as having the networking with established entrepreneurs in Sigtuna. At Impact Hub there have also been a few events where I’ve had the opportunity to meet others and share my experiences, challenges and get more feedback.

What has been your biggest learning?

I’ve learned a lot especially on Gearup, because I think it’s the perfect tool, particularly for startups. Even though I’m at growth stage it is not too late to learn about Gearup because it is like a process that can be applied to all startups or entrepreneurs, to know the exact pain of your customers and to find a new approach in creating the painkiller for the customer.

Are you making any changes to your business model?

Yes, it’s more on understanding and discovering more new painkillers for my customers. What is the delight and what impact can be created for those who choose to become my partner? This is quite challenging because I need to really study and to see how we can help future partners provide and increase their existing values, to benefit their customers as well.

What is the first thing you’re going to do when you get home?

I will contact those customers and organizations that I have met with before, to tell them about our new painkillers and how having us as a partner will be good for their branding and social impact. I will be doing a lot of callbacks.

What has it been like to work with people from different countries?

It has been great understanding the culture from the people – not from Google, not from the Internet, but to get the experience directly from the people. Also from the Swedish people, a lot of things are different here but it’s good to get two inputs at the same time.

What has it been like to experience Sweden?

I like everything about Sweden. Meeting the people, getting new ideas and new feedback and different points of view. For me that’s really unique. I will apply all the findings from the talks, the meetings and the interviews to my business.