Building an ecosystem for mobile shopping in urban and rural areas in Mozambique and Kenya

Victoria Ferris

Victoria Ferris is firmly committed to creating scalable solutions that bring about social, political and economic change to those at the “bottom of the pyramid”. Victoria has driven social change by focusing on microfinance, entrepreneurship and mobile technologies through new and sustainable business models.

At MoWoza, Victoria is involved in key infrastructure and business needs and ensuring that it will be an incredible and impactful start-up. As business developer at Thinkways, she carried out sustainability projects through the implementation of innovative mobile microfinance applications. Her tenure at the World Microfinance Forum and Global Humanitarian Forum was instrumental in forming research, relations and modelling that led to the on the ground creation of Kachile and Akissi, her social enterprises in Cote d’Ivoire. Victoria’s launch of Kachile and Akissi had subsequently shaped the strategy to stimulate entrepreneurial activity amongst local artisans and seamstresses in post-conflict Cote d’Ivoire.


Victoria took part in SE Forum’s SE Outreach Accelerator in 2013.



MoWoza is building an ecosystem for mobile shopping in urban and rural areas in Mozambique and Kenya. This ecosystem will ensure that customers can buy goods in one area and beneficiaries can collect those goods through agents in another area. It is a mobile shopping platform that any customer can access through SMS messages. With this service people can conveniently shop for their family members living in rural/distant locations through the sole use of the mobile phone anytime, anywhere. The great benefit is also the fact that the parcel is dropped off at a secure location close to home.