Rehabilitating former child soldiers in Liberia through the provision of employment in formerly abandoned cocoa farms

Sheikh Abu Turay

Sheikh, a former refugee who spent 14 years in a UN refugee camp, is the founder of Liberation Chocolates Inc. He considers himself a cocoa and coffee merchant and a social entrepreneur driven to reduce poverty in Liberia, revive agriculture and create employment for former child soldiers and local communities. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and has previously worked as a schoolteacher, export agent and a commodity trader. He was also a 2012 Unreasonable Institute Fellow and was a beneficiary of the Social Capital Market (SOCAP) scholarship in 2012.

Liberation Chocolates Inc

Liberation Chocolate is an organisation that harvests cocoa from formerly abandoned cocoa farms and employs former child soldiers as farmers paying them fair wages in an aim to rehabilitate and reintegrate them into society. The business serves five key areas: the farmers who are liberated from poverty through the provision of income generated from non-commercial farms, the employees who are elevated and engaged in society, the customers who are committed to quality products and Liberation Chocolate’s mission, the end product consumers and social investors who are eager to enable Liberation Chocolates social mission and for-profit mode.