Providing clean and affordable energy access to rural areas and reducing air pollution with air filtering devices that harvest electricity generated by highway traffic

Sanwal Muneer

Sanwal Muneer is an electrical engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. He is solving the pain points of the world concerning energy crisis and air pollution. His vision and talent as a young innovator and entrepreneur have gained him awards and the recognition of many prestigious international organizations. At 21, Sanwal has already exhibited his electric car at the Shell Eco-marathon, planted solar trees that charge mobile phones and tablets at his university, and invented a device that can harvest green electricity from the turbulence generated by vehicles on the highways while acting as an air pollution filter. Sanwal wants the world to be powered by clean energy that does not pollute the air we breathe.


Sanwal took part in SE Forum’s SE Outreach Accelerator in 2015.


Capture Mobility

capture mobility

Capture Mobility is a renewable energy company that designs and manufactures vertical wind turbines and air filters that will line the Pakistan highways to provide green electricity to the rural off-grid communities as well as selling to the national grid. Both the raw material and production labor are sourced locally from Pakistan. Capture Mobility is Sanwal second startup. Having learnt the importance of developing partnerships with government and existing industries from his previous electric car startup, Sanwal been working hard to gain their support. Capture Mobility was awarded the Shell Tameer Young Entrepreneur Award in the Environment category and the UN Industrial Development Organization for CleanTeach energy Award and has been endorsed by the UK government’s Trade and Investment Department. He is now ready to scale-up production and export his products and technical knowledge to other countries starting with the UK.