Developing a new kind of school that breaks the mold and preserves the creativity, spirit, idealism, rebelliousness, and joy of youth


Molly is a staff member and part of the founding team at Powderhouse Studios. Previously, she taught biology in New York City, was an American Delegation Leader at Seeds of Peace, and attended Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. As a teacher, she quickly became aware of how many beautiful impulses, great ideas, and acts of self-determination get squashed by a school system that confuses process for substance. In response, she has developed a public high school in Somerville, Mass called Powderhouse Studios (PHS).

“The vibrancy and zest of young people is sacred. They are particularly good at seeing old things in new ways. Supporting them in their creative work is an incredible privilege.”


Molly took part in the 2018 Gather Fellowship, SE Forum’s partnership with Seeds of Peace.


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Powderhouse Studios

Molly’s intention is for PHS to feel nothing like a traditional American school, but instead a creative workplace for youth, supporting young people undertaking deep, difficult, and personally meaningful projects of their own design based around their own tastes and interests. The school will serve a racially and socioeconomically diverse group of young people.