Bridging the gap between people of different faiths and cultures by bringing them together to tackle community issues


Mamoun has worked to bring people of different cultures and faiths together since 1999, when he attended his first World Conference on Religion and Peace in Amman. Four years later, he joined the United Religions Initiative (URI), a global interfaith network that bridges gaps by engaging people of religious and cultural differences in meaningful dialogue, work that is increasingly important in the MENA region as it has seen an increase in religiously-motivated violence and a breakdown of tolerance toward ethnic and religious diversity.

“A deeper understanding between peoples, based on acceptance and respect, will contribute to a culture of peace and nonviolence in our world. Differences are inevitable, but violence is not.”


Mamoun took part in the 2018 Gather Fellowship, SE Forum’s partnership with Seeds of Peace.

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Mamoun is currently Regional Director of URI for the MENA region. In this role, he guides and empowers over 70 affiliate groups to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, end religiously-motivated violence and create cultures of peace, justice and healing. These affiliates are self-organising encompassing at least three religions, spiritual expressions, and/or indigenous traditions. Mamoun oversees groups in Israel and Palestine that bring Jews, Christians and Muslims together, as well as groups that work to promote the rights of ethnic minorities and prevent violence against them.