Providing lessons on simple bookkeeping and an affordable accounting system to small scale enterprises

Judith Nantume

Judith Nantume is a scholar at the Social Innovation Academy in Mpigi, Uganda, She is the founder of Auditech Solutions – an auditing app with the purpose of sensitizing ordinary people about personal bookkeeping, auditing and the usage of accounting software.


Judith took part in SE Forum’s Mini-Accelerator in 2016.



Auditech Solutions

Many people in Uganda, and in the world at large, are facing problems when starting their own businesses. Young entrepreneurs, single mothers, widows and small-scale business owners often have difficulties due to lack of knowledge on how to do simple bookkeeping and because they cannot afford auditing services. Auditech Solutions will solve this problem by provide auditing services at a less expensive rate and through their program which teaches users the importance of simple bookkeeping. It can be downloaded on laptops, smartphones and tablets. The app will also provide its users with business tips, in order to build their skills on how to manage and grow their businesses.