Offering a reliable supply of quality fruits resulting in better profits, good customer satisfaction and improved income for farmers

Godfrey Bukenya

Godfrey Bukenya is an experienced agricultural extension worker and social entrepreneur with a passion for agribusiness. With a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and a master in development studies, he enjoys working with farming communities and empowering them to change their livelihoods.


Godfrey took part in SE Forum’s Mini-Accelerator in 2016.


Venus Foods

Through his work, Godfrey realised that most small hold farmers, mainly women and youth, remain poor despite being hardworking and engaged in the production of fruits and vegetables. Farmers still depend on traditional value chains which give them low prices due to lack of transport and cold storage facilities. To change this, Godfrey founded Venus Foods – a social enterprise which addresses this problem by establishing a modern value chain. Venus Foods aims to register farmers, establish collecting centres and build operational processing warehouses with cold storage facilities where fresh produce from farmers can be sorted, graded, packaged and stored before distribution. This results in a system where farmers earn a better income and their customers remain satisfied.